Why Audio-Conference

Audio Conference is a multifunctional service through which you can hold meetings, discussions, conduct negotiations with an unlimited number of users with just one call.


Monthly Fee

Audio Conference
5 000 AMD

By the way, for Rostelecom subscribers, the Audio-Conference service is included in the monthly fee for existing services. To activate the service, you can just contact us, և we will activate it.

Features and Benefits

Talker Optimization

This feature allows you to mute outside noise, the voices of users who are not currently speaking.

Record Conference

Allows you to record the conference.

Confidential Call (User PIN)

Used if you want to keep the audio conference room private. In case of joining the call, each user will be required to enter the PIN.

Admin Wait (Leader Wait)

If this feature is enabled, the call will not start until the conference room admin is enabled.

Music on Hold

Do you play music when there is only one user in the room?

Mute on Join

If you select this option, the new user will not be able to speak while logging in. If you are not an admin in the room, you will need to enter the "*" menu ("Allow menu") in order for the user to join the conversation.

Conference Number

Used to join the conference.

Admin PIN

After entering this PIN, the user will be identified as the admin of the conference room.

Join Message

A voice message that is heard by every user who joins a given conference room.

Talker Detection

If this feature is enabled, the speaker channel will be identified at the beginning of the conversation.

Quiet Mode

If this feature is enabled, a voice message will not sound when users log on or off.

Maximum Participants

The maximum number of users in this room.

Allow Menu

Allow to send the user a menu (described below) by clicking "*".

User Join / Leave

If this option is enabled, the system will ask for the user name (pronunciation) when activating it. The next step, when the user is already logged in, will be introduced to the other logged in users with the names of the participants in that room.


Available to the conference room user by pressing "*" if allowed by the "Allow Menu" command.

User Count

If this feature is enabled, the number of current users is announced when a new user logs in.