Virtual PBX


Virtual PBX is coming to change office telephone station. Virtual PBX service will help you to connect all your separate units and they will be available for each other regardless the place they are.


Price List of Virtual PBX 

External telephone / line 2000 AMD/month
Voice menu 3000 AMD/month
Preserving 1-day recording for each external phone number * 50 AMD/month
Internal phone number 400 AMD/month
The number of lines to make calls simultaneously 2 lines (included)
An additional line to make calls simultaneously 1500 AMD/month
Monthly fee for calls through other operators trunk (regardless the number of telephone numbers) 5000 AMD/month
Virtual PBX service support monthly fee 500 AMD/month
Included minutes to RA fixed networks 500 minutes


Advantages you will get with the help of Virtual PBX service

  • Unite the company's telephone lines under fixed and/or mobile phone numbers
  • Creating closed group with short numbers for making calls
  • Multichannel number to contact the company
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call redirecting
  • More services


All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

* The minimum number of days of record keeping is 30.