Web - Videoconference

WEB-conference video-call service gives opportunity to organize and technically support video calls between several users via computers and internet connection without using additional devices.

Video call sessions are organized directly via browsers on the webpage of the service.


WEB-conference video call service pricelist


Tariff planNumber of participantsMonthly fee
Small Up to 10 25000 AMD
Medium 11-20 55000 AMD


195000 AMD


Every organizer of Web-Conference video call (with one login and password) has opportunity to organize conferences via video interface , where he can invite certain number of participants depending on the tariff plan.

The service affords following opportunities

  • Providing safety by excluding access of third parties to shared message conten
  • Availability to connect up to 50 participants simultaneously
  • Simultaneous visibility of 9 participants on the screen
  • Opportunity of joint work on documents




Prices include VAT.