Starting from September 23, all Rostelecom Smart TV subscribers will have access to all Viasat TV channels, which enjoy a high ranking in the world.
Viasat channels stand out thanks to diverse and rick content - films, educational materials, entertainment and sport, etc. - which ensures interesting entertainment for viewers.
Only “Rostelecom” subscribers will be able to enjoy the VIP package of Viasat channels in addition to the other TV channels of the company.
The TV channels presented by Viasat are the following:
• Viasat Explore - this TV channel is for all those who are always looking for new adventures, extraordinary feelings, rediscovering the world around us
• Da Vinci - this educational channel, unique in its style, helps curious people of all ages to travel in the world of science, making learning fan.
• Viasat Nature - this TV channel talks about nature, telling the inspiring story of the amazing beauty of our planet
• Viasat History - through the TV channel it is possible to travel to the most secret corners of history, discovering the development of human civilization from the point of view of authoritative historians
• TV 1000 - thousand of the best films in world cinema production
• TV 1000 Action - inexhaustible energy and adrenaline from the best movies of the Action genre
• TV 1000 Русское Кино - with this channel it is possible to meet the good old characters of Russian cinema, discovering new ones at the same time.
Viasat VIP package includes:
• VIP Premiere - the most awaited movie premieres,
• VIP Megahit - world movie soundtracks, Oscar winners
• VIP Comedy - the most popular movie genre - comedy that will raise any viewer’s mood
• VIP Serial - the best serials
• Viasat Sport - remarkable sports matches, the strongest modern athletes in live format, with professional commentary
• Viasat Nature / Viasat History HD - 2 channels under one button with HD quality.
It should be noted that “Rostelecom” subscribers have a unique opportunity in the market to subscribe directly to Viasat TV channels, which are not included in their package, starting from only 190 AMD per month.