Highly appreciating the Armenian soldier's heroism, “Rostelecom” continues to stand by the Armenian army and the Armenian soldier by all possible means.

The company has joined the "Nor ej" (New page) project  which is implemented on initiative of the "Armenian HR Association".

With this step, the company brings its contribution to reintegrate young people into a normal life.

With the help of versed and experienced specialists of “Rostelecom”, the young soldiers who took part in the war, will specialize, acquire skills and knowledge meeting the current requirements and will pass to job.

"As a leading telecommunication company, we have joined the "Nor ej” program to support young Armenian soldiers as much as possible, never to lose self-confidence and persistently move forward. We are ready to stand by the young people in the target group on their way of regaining their competitiveness in the labor market. We urge all companies to join this wonderful program",- mentioned the CEO of  “Rostelecom” Armenia Hayk Faramazyan.

New page, new means, new goals, join us.


About the "New Page" project

In January 2021, the “Nor Ej” (New Page) corporate social responsibility program was launched. The program is aimed at supporting those who have participated in military actions and have been demobilized.

Within the framework of the project, about 1,000 young people aged 18-30 will be selected to conduct professional interviews with them. Based on the obtained results, professional orientation programs, trainings and development courses in different professional directions will be organized.

The "New Page" project will cooperate with about 500 organizations, companies, and based on their requirements, targeted trainings, development and guidance programs will be formed.

The project was initiated and developed by the "Armeian Human Resources Association".