“Rostelecom” Armenia and 2Hz companies announce the start of cooperation.

“Rostelecom” Armenia installs Krisp application in dozens of computers in its Call Center. It is the most advanced technology in the world to eliminate noise during telephone conversations. It is based on artificial intelligence and methods of machine learning, made up of a virtual microphone and a speaker for computer.

Krisp is the first product of 2Hz Armenian startup company. 2Hz Armenian startup was founded one and a half year ago and so far has attracted more than two million dollars’ investment from the Silicon Valley investors. By the end of 2018 Krisp was declared as the best product of the year on the international ProductHunt platform.

“Armenian startups create and launch innovative solutions in recent years, that are unique throughout the world. Startups have always been in the spotlight of “Rostelecom” and we replenish our services with new solutions, and today we announce the start of another cooperation: we install Krisp application of 2Hz company in our Call Center, which enables to provide our customers high quality services. “Rostelecom” is the first company in Armenia to install the beta version of this application, and in a few weeks also the full version. I am sure, that we will lead other Armenian companies as well as individuals use and benefit from this exclusive application of Armenian origin”, - mentioned the “Rostelecom” Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.

“We are very happy for the cooperation with “Rostelecom” Armenia. We are proud to see that our product, originally designed for international markets, also raises the interest within Armenian companies and is actively installed in the local market”, - said 2Hz Co-founder and Technical Director Artavazd Minasyan.The Beta version of Krisp Windows application is already used in the Call Center of “Rostelecom” Armenia. Thus customers of “Rostelecom” Armenia can have effective calls without any noise.

The application removes the noise surrounding the caller for other call participants and vice versa.Krisp application of 2Hz operates on MacOS and Windows systems. Users can make calls through Krisp from any video application on computer – Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Zoom, Webex, etc.

“Krisp program gives the opportunity to provide all customers with the highest quality telephone service in the Call Center. We pay much attention to each word of the customer, so the application neutralizes the surrounding noise in the incoming and outgoing calls, even eliminates, as a result of the words are pronounced clearer for both sides. The noise creates serious problems for telephone operators, and even international call centers are trying to tackle the problem taking measures to solve it. Now, with Krisp application, simply installing it on the computer, it is possible to solve the problem of noise and concentrate on the actual work”,- mentioned of “Rostelecom” Armenia Customer Care Department Head Anna Ananyan.

The full version of Krisp Windows application will be released on June 12, 2019