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On April 15, the children from the childcare center "Nagashyan Childrens Home" visited Museum of Russian Art.Two programs  "Types of Genres, Arts, Technique" "Guess a pattern"were held for them.

"Rostelecom" Armenia together with Museum of Russian Art at the end of the year launched  a joint project "Art for everyone". The project is being held for kids from care centers and orphanages, for persons with special needs as well as other groups.   
At the opening ceremony of the program,General director of  "Rostelecom" in Armenia Hayk Faramazyan remarked that children should get education on understanding arts since their early age, while companies must support such programs making them available for every child.
The educational program was designed and developed by psychologists and art critics of the Museum of the Russian Art, having a goal to make the art more interactive and accessible for children.It is hold also for school children.
Guided by the museums informal educational activities experts implement the main four educational projects aimed at developing attention, logical, visual memory and enriching vocabulary, as well as increasing knowledge of the visual arts, perception of beauty and sense aesthetics.
‘’Rostelecom’’ in Armenia started providing the Museum of Russian Art with free WIFI from the International day of Museums on May,2016.
Cooperation between these two companies will be expanded and will include new projects.
"Nagashyan Childrens Home" care center was built in 2012 under the patronage of the Armenian Apostolic Church Echmiadzin. Girls aged 8-18 live in the center.
Russian art Museum of Yerevan (collection of Professor A. Abrahamyan) (address - Isahakyan 38, near Cascade) operates in the capital for about 30 years.

Russian fine art is to the visitor’s choice (painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative-applied art, theatrical design, etc.). Covering the end of the 19th and early 20th century the exposition has a world importance and carries great artistic and historical value.

The training programs developed by the staff of the museum differ: Programs   "My House is My Fortress", group programs "Puzzle, Form, Description", "My House My Fortress", "Types of Genres, Arts, Technics", "Guess the pattern", "Zoo", "The seasons", held in starting from March 2015 are of great demand,  among each month the Museum hosts about 350 schoolchildren and preschool children.

The Museum presents such artists as K. Korovin, V. Serov, M. Vrubel, M. Nesterov, A. Benoua, Z. Serebryakova, B. Kustodiev, A. Golovin, E. Lansere, M. Voloshin, K. Petrov - Vodnik, N. Roerich, R. Falk, P. Konchalovsky, M. Saryan, P. Kuznetsov, A. Lentulov, S. Sudeikin, A. Tischler, etc.

Yerevan Museum of Russian art (collection of Professor A. Abrahamyan) was founded by Professor Aram Abrahamian based on his private collection and was dedicated to his historic homeland of Armenia as a great expression of patriotism.