Rostelecom’s Rinternet will get into your apartment via fiber-optic technology which is the fastest, most reliable and technologically advanced Internet technology in existence today. Rinternet will provide you with the following opportunities and advantages;


  • high-speed and symmetrical Internet connection
  • higher speed of access to the content of YouTube, Rutube, Facebook, Google, և web-sites
  • service connection free of charge
  • postpaid payment system

Subscribe to Rinternet tariff plan and enjoy the above mentioned advantages at speeds listed below;


TariffInternet SpeedDouble Speed
(in case of annual subscription)
Monthly payment
Rinternet 6000 8 Mbps 16 Mbps 6000 AMD
Rinternet 7000 18 Mbps 36 Mbps 7000 AMD
Rinternet 7500 24 Mbps 48 Mbps 7500 AMD
Rinternet 10000 40 Mbps 80 Mbps 10000 AMD



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In case of subscription to Rinternet tariff plan with a annual contract you will not only get high-speed and symmetrical Internet connection, but also you will enjoy;

  • double speed of Internet
  • activation of Wi-Fi service



All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

By subscribing the tariff package Rinternet for 1 year in Hrazdan, Masis, Ararat, Kajaran, Gyumri, Charentsavan, Abovyan, Armavir, Dilijan, Metsamor, Kapan, the subscriber gets triple speed of internet compared to the basic speed, defined by the terms of the tariff package for one year.

Terms and Conditions of Rinternet

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