Rostelecom gives primary importance to subscribers' desires and demands and offers new service packages Trio.

Trio packages include services provided via fiber-optic technology: broadband Internet, Smart IP television and fixed telephony.


How to use the SmartBox


Join service package Trio for 1 year and get;


Monthly Payment 10 000 AMD 12 500 AMD 16 000 AMD 20 000 AMD
Internet Speed 40 Mbps 50 Mbps 80 Mbps 100 Mbps
Channels 65+ 120+ 150+ 170 and more
Included on-net minutes 500 min 500 min 500 min 700 min
Included minutes to RA other fixed-line networks 200 min 200 min 200 min 300 min
Additional TV device 2500 AMD / mon 2000 AMD / mon 2000 AMD / mon 2 devices
SmartBox WiFi Opportunity of subscription For 1 device For 2 devices For 3 devices
Recording Opportunity of subscription Included Included Included
Previous Programs 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
WiFi service**** Included Included Included Included



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Additional Services
Activation of WiFi service 11 000 AMD
SmartBox WiFi (for 1 device) 500 AMD/Month
Recording 1000 AMD/Month



Trio service package TV channel list



All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

*If there is an opportunity to subscribe, the additional service can be activated in the frame of the current tariff package, paying the defined monthly payment.

**If the additional service is included in the tariff package no additional service fee is charged.

**** Trio service package subscribers get WiFi service activation in case of annual subscription.

Trio SP channels are not fixed and can be changed at any time by the Operator.

Tariff plans of jointly provided services

Terms and Conditions of Service package Trio