Service package Duo gives you an opportunity to choose and pay only for those channels which you actually watch. Moreover, joining the Duo package, you get high-speed Internet, as well as take advantage of the numerous great opportunities of Smart IPTV.


Starting from August 1, 2017, with annual subscription to the tariff plan Duo Comfort you will get a number of advantages:

    • FREE Wi-Fi activation,
    • DOUBLE speed of Internet,
    • 10 additional channels.


How to use the SmartBox


 Duo Comfort
Monthly Payment 8 500 AMD
Internet Speed 25 Mbps
50 Mbps (annual subscrption)
Included Channels 39+ Additional 10 + Entertainment 10
Additional TV device 2 500 AMD/mon
Recording Opportunity of subscription*
Previous Programs 7 day
TV Wi-Fi Opportunity of subscription
Wi-Fi service Included**



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Additional Services
Activation of Wi-Fi service 11 000 AMD
Recording 1000 AMD/Month
TV Wi-Fi (for 1 device) 500 AMD/Month



All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

*If there is an opportunity to subscribe, the additional service can be activated in the frame of the current tariff package, paying the defined monthly payment.

**The service is included in tariff in case of annual subscription. If the additional service is included in the tariff package no additional service fee is charged.

GPON technology provides unrestricted symmetric Internet access up to the speeds specified in the tariff plans (maximum speed 100 Mbps) via wired connection.

The WiFi connection speed is due to the technical capability of the device / devices used by the subscriber.

Duo SP channels are not fixed and can be changed at any time by the Operator.

Tariff plans of jointly provided services

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