We are starting Summer Marathon.

This summer, both our current and new subscribers will receive:

  • Much faster Internet1
  • More TV channels 

Moreover, having connected to the Internet service this summer, you will receive WiFi without an annual subscription3.


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1GPON technology provides guaranteed symmetric Internet access at the speeds specified in these packages, via wired connection (maximum speed 100 Mb/s).The speed provided when connecting via Wi-Fi depends on the technical capabilities of the device/devices used by the subscriber.

2These benefits are available with both an unlimited and an annual subscription until August 31 inclusive, after which the terms of the main tariff plan apply. Within the framework of the Summer Marathon offer, different conditions apply depending on the tariff plan.

3The right to use a WiFi device (with activated Wi-Fi service) is granted without a mandatory annual subscription if joined by August 31st.

Television and Radio services are provided jointly with Hybrid Solutions LLC.

The operator has the right to change the TV channels of the tariff packages at any time.

Prices are indicated in AMD including VAT.

Terms and Conditions (Internet)

Terms and Conditions (Internet + TV)