What is necessary for effective online shopping?

Of course, high-speed Internet from Rostelecom, and a flexible system of online shopping services from Onex.

If you are a subscriber of Rostelecom, and at the same time make use of Onex services, you will get many benefits.


Rostelecom will provide you with;


Internet SubscriberOnex Standard customerOnex Prime customer
Internet + 10 Mbps for 3 months Special Price for 1 year
Smart TV + 10 movies
Duo, Trio + 10 Mbps for 3 months+ 10 movies


Onex will provide you with;


Internet SubscriberBonus
Internet 1000 AMD
Smart TV
Trio Regional
Trio Novice
Trio Family 2000 AMD
Trio United
Trio Personal
Trio Premium


You can get your orders in the nearest office of Rostelecom or Onex.