On October 16 “Inspired by Her (IBH) Academy” in Armenia summed up the results of the project launched in August with the support of “Rostelecom” Armenia. During the event participants presented their business projects based on their ideas and the best participant got the special prize.

Before Armenia the project had been held in Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon in will start in the Great Britain as well.

The project was held in three stages. During the first stage (August-September) participants got diverse knowledge and skills from experienced professionals on the most up-to-date topics: marketing, agile management, communication skills, personal growth (emotional intelligence development, yoga), social entrepreneurship, basics of crowdfunding and development of other skills. At the end of the stage participants were grouped and started teamwork around their ideas.

In the framework of the project young female participants met with businessmen: founders of ONEX and Yecup companies shared their experience, secrets of management and success stories.

The second stage (October) was the mentorship: participants discussed their ideas with mentors/experts and turned their ideas into projects, planned the implementation project.

During the third stage (November12) the project was presented to the jury.

The members of the jury were the Chair of Civil Aviation Committee at Government of the Republic of Armenia Tatevik Revazyan, Advisor for GIZ Women Entrepreneurship and Results Monitoring Margarita Hakobjanyan, Head of External Communications Unit of “Rostelecom” Armenia Siranush Gyurjinyan.

“Soup2Go” team became the winner of the project and together with other awards they will be provided professional consulting throughout the project implementation period. Nana Landau who was recognized as the best participant got the opportunity to have a one-month practice abroad in the framework of an exchange program, to study and get work experience outside her own environment. There were also awards for the active participants and other nominations, as well as awards from partner organizations.

“Inspired by Her Academy” is a three-month intensive educational and practical program focused on Women Empowerment. Through its unique approach, the academy enables women to build up their confidence, get practical tools and strengthen their leadership potential in order to bring out the change they want for themselves and in their communities. Students benefit from the guidance and mentorship of accomplished local and international experts, have the chance to build up their own initiatives and through their achievements to became an inspiration for themselves and for others.

About “Inspired by Her Academy”

The idea of “Inspired by Her” project was born in Afghanistan in 2014 when the world's largest youth organization AIESEC, Afghani chapter, for the first time in their history elected a foreign and female president – Olga Cegorean. It was a unique moment which made history. From 4 candidates all male and locals, a young Moldovan girl was chosen to lead the people in Afghanistan. Her story inspired many, other went very skeptical that a foreigner and a female would be able to bring to the organization and country more than a local could do.

IBH is one of Olga Cegorean’s ideas which she brought for the AIESEC and its 1st edition was organized during her leadership. After the first edition which gathered together 200 girls, the positive feedback from all project’s stakeholders IBH turned to be a success which is changing the lives of hundred girls with each of its edition.

Now, IBH is much more than what it was in its first edition. It grows into an independent and international organization which is gradually expanding further and going global.

In 2017 IBH in a new "shape" and more developed concept, successfully ran its first edition in Lahore, Pakistan.

Detailed information about the project is presented on the official website: