Need high-speed, symmetrical and affordable Internet services for your business, you are surely to get interested in this offer.

Rostelecom's Rinternet will get to you via fiber-optic technology which is the fastest, most reliable and technologically advanced Internet technology in existence today. Rinternet will provide you with the following opportunities and advantages․


By choosing one of the Rinternet Office tariff plans you will receive opportunity to use high-speed Internet․


Rinternet Office Tariff planSpeedMonthly fee
Rinternet Office Regional* 3 Mb/s 6000 AMD
Rinternet Office 10000 8 Mb/s 10000 AMD
Rinternet Office 16000 14 Mb/s 16000 AMD
Rinternet Office 20000 20 Mb/s 20000 AMD
Rinternet Office 35000 30 Mb/s 35000 AMD


The following tariff plans are created to satisfy small business’ needs of broadband internet connection.

By subscribing one of the Rinternet Office tariff plans you can get symmetrical internet connection, which means that you will be able to upload and download at the same speed according to your tariff plan. You can also be provided 1 static IP address for free.


Moreover, Rinternet office tariff plans can be subscribed without long-term contract.

In case of annual subscription to Rinternet Office you will get a WIFI service activation free of charge.



Prices are presented in AMD including VAT.

*Those people who have mentioned Yerevan city in the service provision address cannot subscribe to Rinternet Office Regional.

Terms and conditions of Rinternet Office tariff plan