Virtual private network service tariff plan fees provided in Yerevan by IP/MPLS network


Port speedMonthly fee for each point
1 MB/s 22 800 AMD
10 MB/s 34 800 AMD
100 MB/s 82 800 AMD


Tariff plan fees provided in regions


Port speedMonthly fee for each point
1 MB/s 14 400 AMD
10 MB/s 20 400 AMD
20 MB/s 30 600 AMD
50 MB/s 45 900 AMD
100 MB/s 108 000 AMD



Prices are presented in AMD and include VAT.

a. Services are not provided with speed less than 1 Mb/s

b. The tariffs mentioned above are applied in monthly subscriptions. In case of longer subscription or different traffic than mentioned in chart, or special conditions, depending on the necessary devices for service provision and their number, the place of the service provision the tariffs are adjusted by negotiations of the customer and “GNC Alpha” CJSC b taking into consideration other conditions.